Specials Holiday Week Activities

Specials Holiday Week Activities
Posted on 01/20/2018
Group of students during a special


Stem is making Snowman Shooters.  They are investigating how mass affects how far an object will travel by test shooting a cotton ball versus a Lego. They are also talking about how the amount of force affects how far the projectile will launch by testing with a small pull of the launcher versus a big pull. It has been fun to see them try to figure out the trajectory of the snowman shooters with the snowballs (cotton balls).


P.E. is playing a game called Elf Express, where the students use hula hoops as their "sleds".  The students are in small teams of 4 or 5 students where they must work together to move their sled.  The main skill this game works on is teamwork and cooperation.  The teams must work together to move their sled and complete tasks such as collecting toys and then delivering the toys in chimneys. 

Two students making snowman shooters


Health is making a grinch head using green grapes for the face and bananas, strawberries and marshmallows for the Santa hat on top.  The kids have been learning about the different food groups that make up MyPlate. MyPlate helps divide the five food groups for a healthy diet into a place setting image for a meal. Making the grinch head has been able to help the kids experience the fruit food group hands on and seeing how eating healthy can be fun too.



In music class, they are studying all things Nutcracker!  As the students enter they will listen and watch a short snippet of the Nutcracker ballet battle scene.  This will be followed by reading book, The Nutcracker by Susan Jeffers.  Students will then be introduced to the March and discuss its musical form.  They will then move to the stretchy band and move to the music of the March.  After that, students will be introduced to the Trepak movement.  Students will again discuss musical form.  They will perform the Trepak on our classroom boomwhackers, then move to the song and end by turning out the lights and using our colored flashlights (they will project red and green) and show the form using our lights.  They will then end by singing our holiday Christmas carols.  It is sure to be a fun week in music class!

Students making grinch heads
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